What Is a Time Card Calculator?

A time card calculator is a piece of software that will calculate how much an employee earns in a specific amount of time. This may sound easy, but when you think about it, it is a very difficult problem to solve. The time spent on each project has to be recorded in order to correctly calculate the amount of money that an employee earns, and this information is often either forgotten or is never recorded. Now if you have never worked in a company, you might not know how important times sheets are. A timesheet calculator can help in so many ways, like making sure you get paid on time, making sure you get credit for your work, and they help your boss make the best decisions about how to run the business.

Tracking the working hours of employees is a time-consuming process that often involves expensive software. A time card calculator can take the hassle out of this process by allowing the user to record each employee’s working hours, as well as changes to the amount of time worked. The user can create cards, which can be printed, and each card includes the working hours and the reason for working overtime. The user can also keep track of the number of working hours in the calendar.

Some companies use time cards to track an employee’s attendance and calculate the total time spent at work each pay period. The time card calculator is a convenient online solution that lets you easily. Time Card Calculator is free of cost for helping out businesses that are just starting out so that even when they have 99 problems, payroll hours calculation won’t be one!

How To Use a Time Card Calculator?

This Time Card Calculator works amazingly by keeping track of the timings of a huge group of people. It is used in organizations to manage the working hours of the employees. Much like a time punching device, it keeps track of the working hours of the people working in the organization. If you are a boss, these are simple online tools that you can use to calculate the gross and net salaries of your employees.

The cards for each day of the week are displayed and the employee needs to fill in the In-time and the Out-time details. Towards the end of the day, break time needs to be added as well, this ensures accurate calculation of the working yours of every person.

The software is a solution for:

  • A time card calculator
  • Work hours calculator
  • Employee schedule maker
  • Blogs to help employees manage time, work-life balance, and to increase productivity.

Even in times of a pandemic, Time Card Calculator has facilitated companies to stay organized in managing working hours even while working from home. It lets you clock in and clock out from anywhere. This helps organizations manage employees that work remotely and more so when outsourcing!

The 3 Main Features For Users to Work With:

There are 3 buttons at the bottom of the attendance data sheet in the time card calculator.


Pressing this button calculates all the data entered in the timesheet and generates an accurate report.


This button resets all the time data entries of the days of the week to 00:00.


This gives you a print of the weekly data of time report.

Uses of a Timesheet Calculator

  • There are many uses of a timesheet calculator. The primary motive is to make the payroll calculation easy and managing the working hours of the employees. But one of them is also to help the employees to maintain a healthy work-life balance. The payroll hours calculator is intended to help employees stay on top of their work since they can view their hours in real-time online, as well as on their mobile devices.
  • This is especially helpful for those who work odd hours and in different shifts. It also helps managers keep track of time spent on particular projects, so they can make sure that employees are working only on the most important task. It also serves as a controlling device where you can check how much time is spent where.
  • A time card calculator can also be used simply for attendance purposes in organizations, schools, coaching classes, and anywhere where many people are working together and it becomes difficult to track what everyone else is doing.

Things to Consider When Choosing A Time Card Calc

While the number of time card calculators is large, there need to be certain specifications that every payroll hours calculator must have in order to make the work of the users easier and not more difficult by making the process lengthy. For this purpose, everything about this software is made easy.

  • The time card calculator is designed to make every process of managing an organization, very easy and friendly for non-technical people as well.

Want to calculate and get the total? 1 click.

Want to get the data of the week printed? 1 click.

Want to reset all the data and start over? 1 click is all it takes.

  • Apart from the difficulty in using software, other things that need to be considered are accessibility, cost, and basic features that every payroll hours calculator should have. The software should be accurate in calculation and very precise as it is about data on which the monthly/ weekly pay of your employees depends.
  • Always choose a free timesheet calculator with lunch break time in and time out. This ensures exact calculation from a timesheet calculator; free or not.
  • It should be reliable. The software must be trustworthy so that even the employees of an organization do not have fears regarding the same.

You should be able to prove the creditworthiness of the software and it should be legitimate.

Our Users Love the Time Card Calculator!

Time Card Calculator has helped me tremendously with my working pattern and has also increased my productivity by 2x! It has helped me to work while also motivated me to take breaks. This timesheet calculator with lunch break records my every minute spent and holds me accountable. I love it!

Time Card Calculator has helped me tremendously with my working pattern and has also increased my productivity by 2x! It has helped me to work while also motivated me to take breaks. This timesheet calculator with lunch break records my every minute spent and holds me accountable. I love it!
Alissa Peterson
This Time card calc has been an amazing help for me who is a freelancer! A lot of time usually goes into distractions and mood wrings. Knowing that I have to clock in and clock out makes me feel responsible for every minute I spend. This was suggested in a Freelancers’ community group and I am grateful for this!
Anna Clarck
Thanks to this free time card calculator, I was able to remotely manage my employees in the business I had just started before the pandemic. It is easy to use, and as it is a timesheet calculator with lunch break, accuracy and precision are maintained in the data.
Olindra Gotham